Why Lake George?

I've never been to Lake George, but I've heard of it. Why should I go?

Lake George is one of the most beautiful lakes you can find. It is renowned today, as it was over two hundred years ago, for its crystal clear water. Unlike almost all other American lakes, Lake George never suffered the ravages of industry. Because of that, many residents still take their drinking water directly from the lake.

Lake George has been a tourist spot almost since its 'discovery' in the early days of the American republic. Much of the Eastern shore has been declared 'forever wild' to balance environmental and tourist needs. The lake is 32 miles long and about three miles wide.

Thomas Jefferson sang its praises as early as 1791, in his oft-quoted letter.

The great photographer and gallery owner, Alfred Stieglitz, summered here. In fact his book, "Alfred Stieglitz at Lake George", is still available.

The Lake George area is rich in history. The site of a fierce battle during the French and Indian War, sunken ships abound. Scuba tours of these wrecks are popular, especially given the clarity of the water.

A single tank of gas will bring you to Green Harbour from New York City, Montreal, and other population centers. 

Between Lake George Village and Bolton Landing, almost every conceivable activity is available for young and old. Boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, parasailing, eating, outlet shopping--it's all in or around Lake George.

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