Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are rental rates?

What about my security deposit?

Do you have a sample lease?

How do I get there?

Tell me about the drive.

What do I need to bring? And, on food.

Do you furnish linens?

What is a 'well-equipped' kitchen?

Where do I buy food?

The lease says recycle. How?

Do you allow pets?

Do you allow smokers?

How many people can sleep in the unit?

Do I need a pass for beach or pool?

Can I bring my own boat?

Is the unit 'on the water'?

How do I get to the waterfront?

I want to rent at Green Harbour, but you are booked!

How do I stay connected with the world?


Rental rates are as follows:

July & August, $2700 per week.
June, September, October: $2000 per week.

Other times are negotiable. Multiple weeks, especially off-season, may be discounted.

The above includes cleaning, digital cable TV, computer, unlimited domestic phone calls, utilities (except in winter), etc.


We require a refundable security deposit of $500, possibly more for off-season and multiple-week leases. Please download a lease copy for details.


Yes, you can download and review a blank sample lease in Adobe .pdf format. Click here.


We want you to have a carefree vacation, so we furnish one set of linens for six people. If that is not sufficient, bring more or plan to wash. There are enough towels etc.


Unfortunately Green Harbour has a "no pets" rule.


No smoking is permitted in the unit. Smokers may enjoy the patio or deck.


The Homeowner's Association limits the number of guests to six. There is one queen bed in the Master Suite, one queen bed in the first downstairs bedroom, and two twin beds in the second downstairs bedroom. There is also a limit of two automobiles per party.


Access to the beach and swimming pool is by PIN code, and a PIN number will be furnished to you before your arrival, along with internet passord, etc.


Yes, but. First, Green Harbour does not have a launch ramp, so you will need to make arrangements with a local marina to put in/take out, or use a public ramp in Lake George. Second, trailers must be garaged. They are not allowed to be left in the driveway. (Sometimes it's easier to rent). Thirdly, the length of my dock is twenty feet. If your boat is longer than that, unfortunately, you will have to look elsewhere.


Hmm, there's a trick question! The answer is, yes and no. Green Harbour units are to the west of Route 9, halfway up the mountain. That gives them the tremendous lake and mountain views you can see here. You wouldn't get those views down on the lake, right? But, giving us the best of both worlds, Green Harbour has a tremendous communal waterfront, which you can see here.


The Green Harbour waterfront is within walking distance, depending. HOWEVER the hill back up is so steep most people prefer to drive. So, drive down to Route 9 (the main road), and make a left. Almost immediately on your right you will see another Green Harbour sign. Make a right there, and follow it down to the beach.


From New York City and south, take Route 87 North. At Albany, make sure you stay on 87 North in the direction of Montreal. Technically you are exiting the New York State Thruway here (exit 24). Continue on 87 North (aka the 'Northway') to exit 22. Bear left to Diamond Point/ Bolton Landing, make a left at the light. Proceed 1.9 miles m/l to the Green Harbour sign on your left, make left into driveway. (Use caution as the Green Harbour sign is set back a bit from the road). Continue up the steep hill, bearing right all the way, until you hit the forest line. Bear left to #33. The unit has an Adirondack-style sign with my last name on it.


Definitely better than the Hamptons. From Manhattan, it's about 210 miles and we usually make it in 3-1/2 hours. Never over four. Of course if you live north of NYC, it's even less. Unlike say the Catskills, where you are likely to spend considerable time on back roads at 25 mph behind the proverbial lil' ol' lady, in going to Green Harbour you will spend all but the last two miles on the thruway/northway. Traffic can appear to be heavy but you will almost always be zipping along at 65, and will arrive stress-free.


I am in touch regularly with other Green Harbour homeowners that rent. Feel free to contact me and I will attempt to place you with another Green Harbour owner.


In today's world, it seems we never get a real vacation, where we can leave the entire world behind. So, we have a phone line. The number is 518-668-5850. There is a cordless phone/base station upstairs, and another cordless phone on the main level. There is a computer (PC) upstairs with wired internet access. There's a copy of Open Office on it which is MS Office-compatible. There is also a wireless router that provides wireless internet to the rest of the house. We have Verizon Wireless cell phone service and it works mostly pretty well, especially from out on the deck. I don't know about other carriers. If you feel you can't leave home without the New York Times, I fully agree. It is delivered to supermarkets and others daily.


That means you should have almost everything you have at home. Coffee pot, toaster, microwave, small food processor, dishwasher, blender, insinkerator. Spices. Glasses. Pots of many sizes and descriptions. Service for at least eight. Henkels knives, spoons, spatulas, potato peelers, garlic mashers, and so on and so forth.


There is a Price Chopper to the right off the main road in Lake George Village. The few pieces of meat they have seem to all be intended for the grill. But they're close. The Grand Union at the end of Bolton Landing is much better. Though farther.


Garbage goes in the dumpster directly to the right of the unit. There is currently no recycling program at Green Harbour.


Another trick question. Well, maybe beach chairs. Booze, if you like. CDs. DVDs. Food? Well, as part of the well-equipped kitchen, you should find the basics, like cooking oil, rice, sugar, flour, etc. If you use something up, we'd appreciate it if it's replaced. By all means patronize the local establishments, whether supermarkets or restaurants. Please take left-over perishables home with you.